Our company, SmoothMoves, Inc. is a duly licensed Human Resources Development Organization primarily engaged in RECRUITMENT, TRAINING and HIRING of semi-skilled and full-professional MANPOWER RESOURCES ready for DEPLOYMENT (permanent, project-based, contractual or temporary staff) in every conceivable type of business environment.

SmoothMoves, Inc. also offers MANPOWER DEVELOPMENT, INTERNAL POLICY FORMULATION, TRAINING SERVICES (Staff and Managerial Level), EXECUTIVE SEARCH & HIRING. As a basic service to our clients, we provide HR outsourcing services such as employee assessment, selection & background check, payroll & statutory reports & updates; to advanced services that may involve Organizational Development (OD) needs through various HR developmental programs such as, performance management, goal settings, KRA/KPI alignments, etc.

Our team’s commitment, compassion and vast experience is backed-up by continuous learning & methodology on Human Resources and Organizational Development practices (HROD), built with mutual trust, respect and confidence of our top local and multi-national corporations from diversified industry sectors. Our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of the people and organizations we service. Our goal is to provide significant value to our clients by identifying exceptional employees who will contribute and make a lasting positive impact with the company. Our vision is providing our candidates and clients with the right fit in terms of job placement and compensation, assessing candidates in a complete and skilled manner, and accepting only assignments that align with our core values. Furthermore, we implement results oriented processes hence, partnering with client leadership. Our core values include Loyalty, Professionalism and Providing the Best Service. SMI is not in the business just to sell services; we exist to partner with our client. Partnership does not only promote mutual understanding, it also ensures success.

Thus, having the right people for the right job is sufficient. However, we also believe that providing the best deserves no less than the best and quality should not be compromised with quantity. Our performance and our people speak for our company. In line with the values, principles, philosophy, expertise, we have continuously provided and assisted our patrons with top notch human resource. Moreover, armed with an in depth knowledge for the business’ needs for change and adoption for sustaining business growth, we have incessantly sufficed irreplaceable competence demonstrated not only by our clients but lived by our services and our people.


  • We look after the Employees and provide them with basic and extensive training, just compensation and proper benefits.
  • We ensure the growth of our clients by protecting their interests, providing consultations and delivering solutions.
  • We contribute to the development of the society by providing right jobs, equal opportunities and more avenues for individual growth.


To be preferred manpower service company by 2015

  • Of Clients for our quality outcome and unrivaled services.
  • Of Employees for our career development, compensation and benefits.
  • Of the Community for our contributions to uplift the economic and social status

Our Services

When the right person is doing the right job a business thrives. However finding the right person takes time and the demands of running a company may interfere with effective recruitment. This is where SmoothMoves Inc comes in to assist you and your organization in: